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The elegant Jaguar eyewear collection is styled for men with a sense of tradition yet with a youthful flair.  Made of metal and titanium and often with zyl accents, Jaguar eyewear frames are durably constructed, frequently with flex hinges, and provided a comfortable fit.

No brand encompasses sophisticated elegance, dynamism and innovation quite like British luxury sports car manufacturer, Jaguar. It seems fitting then, that the brand has put its name to a number of high-end apparel and accessory lines over the years, including this collection of designer glasses. Whether you are an affluent man looking to match your eyewear to your vehicle, or you're merely dreaming of driving such a car, these prescription glasses offer you the opportunity to indulge.

All Jaguar frames are square or rectangular in shape, and the majority are made of resilient stainless steel or titanium metal, mirroring the graceful aesthetics of the automotive engineering the brand is renowned for.

The name Jaguar is synonymous for style, dynamism, innovation and luxury. In the spirit of these statements the ophthalmic frames of the Jaguar collection combine exceptional design with professional workmanship and stylish luxury. Intricate details, casually dynamic lens shapes and the latest colours make up the unmistakeable, yet trendy, Jaguar style.