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Davidoff embodies a philosophy of originality and exclusivity. Bearing the same name as the renowned fragrances, Davidoff eyewear exudes the same stylishness that is typical of its brand. The designs of the Davidoff eyewear collection skilfully incorporate and reflect the current trends of international fashion. Attractive detail design, striking shapes and en-vogue colour schemes are distinctive features of Davidoff eyewear, the stylish accessory for fashion-concious men.

Davidoff is a Swiss luxury brand name, which is carried by a wide range of products, and founded by Henri Davidoff and family in in the early 20th century. Originally from Russia, the Davidoff family fled to Switzerland in 1906 amidst the political turmoils in Russia. The first Davidoff shop opened in Geneva in 1912.

Henri's son Zino Davidoff finished his studies and received his baccalaureate degree to then fulfill his dream: he left on an extensive journey through South and Central America which would have a lasting impact on his life. After returning to Geneva in 1930, he took over his father’s business and led it successfully. Twenty-five years later his name was internationally renowned and his store had a list of prestigious and impressive clients including actors, writers and politicians.

Turning the world into his playground, Zino Davidoff boundlessly embraced life, venturing cross continents and cultures in a life-affirming, never-ending quest for the best and the conviction that true luxury is experiencing beauty and the ultimate pleasure in every moment.
Fueled by curiosity, thrilled by discovery and adventure, he mined the corners of the world for the most exceptional quality and uncompromising craftsmanship, believing that only what’s authentic, true and outstanding is good enough. Ultimately, he created a visionary empire true to his ideals.